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 Help Directory eMarketplace provides Buyers and Sellers a more efficient manner to communicate across national borders their equipment needs and offerings. Medical EquipNet™'s iBuy, iSell, and iService offers an interactive media for Buyers and Sellers to make direct contact regarding specific equipment and related services.

Medical EquipNet™'s iBuy and iSell Instructions

If you are a registered user click on Login. Enter your username and password. You will be able to enter For Sale and Wanted Ads.

If you are not a registered user click on Register to review the Membership options and/or begin registration for the Subscription or Transaction Membership. Please note that if you choose the Subscription Membership your account will be activated upon receipt of the Subscription fee. If you choose the Transaction Membership your account will automatically be activated. All Buyers choose the Transaction Membership. There is no fee to register a Transaction Account.

The Subscription Membership will display contact information with each For Sale Ad posting. The Transaction Membership will not display any contact information and all communication is conducted anonymously via email until the time of sale.

After clicking on Login and entering your id's, click on Medical EquipNet™ and then click on iBuy or iSell subcategory in the upper navigation bar. Alternatively click on iBuy or iSell icon on the left side of the homepage. Next click on Post Wanted or For Sale Advertisements to submit advertisements. Once you have entered the service with your username and password, all contact information will automatically be tagged to your ad through our software. Do not reenter contact information in the description box of the ad using either the Subscription or the Transaction Membership.

Please enter a Preferred Manufacturer ( or type in "Any Manufacturer"), Equipment Name, and a model. These items appear as a title subject line for each ad. Without them, no one knows what your ad is about.

Enter an ad for each item you require and/or are selling. Do not enter laundry listing of multiple items under the description box of the ad. The service is designed to help facilitate finding specific items quickly. These ads will not be activated if posted for multiple items.

Type in the empty field boxes or click on the downward pointing arrow for field input options where applicable. Please note that the price category does not handle commas. Please enter the price with all digits such as 5000 for five thousand dollars. Please review the cross reference boxes and check only if your description fits another category. If you would like to display a picture with your advertisement check the box next to Attach Picture to Ad at the bottom of the form and click Submit. On the next page click on the Browse button to locate the picture on your hard drive or diskette. Once you find the file double click on the file name and then click on Upload the New Image button.

Users can view For Sale or Wanted Advertisements by clicking on Medical EquipNet™ and then click on iBuy or iSell subcategory in the upper navigation bar. Alternatively click on iBuy or iSell icon on the left side of the homepage. Next click on Browse For Sale or Wanted Advertisements, click on a Medical Specialty such as Radiology, and next click on an Equipment Class such as CT Scanners or click on View All at the top of the page to view all For Sale Advertisements for a particular medical specialty. Subject line listings for the equipment postings will appear and click on the View Details link to read the details for any one particular advertisement. Users will see contact information for those organizations with a Subscription Membership. If the organization has a Transaction Membership, users will communicate anonymously by clicking on Send Message to Seller button to utilize the administrative email messaging software until the transaction is completed per the Terms and Conditions of Use.

When using the email messaging system with the Transaction Membership this communication is between the specific Buyer and Seller. Therefore, pricing can be negotiated on a case by case basis. If a price change is agreed upon for the purchase then the pricing field for the For Sale Advertisement will need to be adjusted for this one specific buyer. In order the modify the price for this specific Buyer only, the Seller will click on the Edit For Sale AD for this Message Thread link above the comment box for the reply email back to the Buyer. The Buyer will next click on View Ad for this Message Thread link above the comment box when they open their message from the Seller. Next the Buyer will click on Buy Now and then click on Complete Order to select payment type and print a receipt.

To purchase an item Buyers click on Add to Cart link in the subject line for the advertisement or alternatively, click on the View Details link and on the next page click on Buy Now button. Either of these methods will hold the item in your shopping cart temporarily. Next verify the quantity is correct. You can change the quantity by clicking on Change Quantities button. The next step is to click Complete Order button to begin to process the order. The final step is to click on the downward arrow under the Payment Type button to select a payment method and finalize the order. This final step must be done for the system to recognize your order. will then collect the first 10% of the net sales price to cover the Seller's advertising fee and release contact information to both the Buyerand Seller to make final arrangements. The Seller collects the remaining 90% plus any applicable taxes on the total amount.

Another alternative for Buyers who do not see their required equipment listed in the For Sale Advertisements is to click on iBuy and then click on Post Wanted Advertisements in order to inform suppliers of your needs. This is very effective since not all suppliers have listed every inventory item in the For Sale Advertisements and may have what you are looking to buy. Follow the links to the posting form under the Medical Specialty and equipment class of your interest. Fill in the form and click Submit.

All transactions are between Buyer and Seller solely, and will not mediate any disputes. . .the Premier Medical Equipment eMarketplace for International Trade ©

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