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Success Stories . . .

" An extremely efficient and effective company that looked out for our best interest. Streamlined the process with great efficiency allowing us to continue with what we do best and not have to worry about finding a buyer or even shipping to a potential buyer. All the steps involved were addressed by SoluMed, it has been a great pleasure working with Solumed and highly recommend this company to any present or future buyers and sellers of medical equipment."

CFO, Unitech Training Academy

"A physician from Alabama setting up a new office saw our office equipment on iBuy section and purchased the tables, stools, lights and a mayo stand. This really is a wonderful resource to help physicians sell their equipment. I also recommended the site to a local cardiologist who was interested in one of my tables, but was too late to buy mine. Thank you, I sold all my equipment."

Physician in New Jersey

"Within a few weeks was able to help me sell my office equipment to four different physicians. One of the physicians was even opening up a new practice within 30 minutes of my office location."

Physician in Ohio

"You sure have done your job. I purchased a whole office worth of equipment, incuding xray, ultrasound, sigmoidoscopy, cardiac stress and CT for very little money. That is amazing."

Physician in Kentucky

"I thought you'd like to know I received the venacure laser today... very smooth transaction. Thanks for all your help. I will be in the market for an Ultrasound machine in the near future, I'll talk to you then."

Physician in Illinois

" helped me find a hyperbaric chamber at a much better price."

Physician in California

"Thanks for facilitating the transaction. The tech from Dornier came to my office yesterday to inspect the machine and everything is working well. The machine was used for less than 10 hours and was only turned on 5 times. I'm very happy with the deal, packaging, etc."

Physician in California

"You did it all! Tables are delivered. Thank you very much for helping sell my exam tables in such short notice."

Physician in California

"I am very pleased with your service. Thanks, and we will certainly make use of your service again."

Physician in Zambia

"I have enjoyed dealing with you. Nice to work with someone reputable who cares about serving their clients."

Physician in Georgia

" Medical EquipNet™ has proven to be an invaluable resource for our company. We were able to sell a significant amount of medical equipment, within weeks of joining, to customers in and outside the U.S. who would have been inaccessible if not for the excellent service of Medical EquipNet™. The continuous stream of qualified buyers provided through the online advertising database as well as regular e-mail forwarding of leads to their subscribers, has been invaluable in the facilitation of moving product inventory. In large part due to your web site, we have sold virtually all of our in stock medical equipment and furnishings. We have appreciated your excellent assistance throughout our membership with your company."

Federal Medical Supply, Inc.

"Many sales for my business has been a result of serious inquiries from US and overseas clients who are using ' Medical EquipNet™.' I think ' Medical EquipNet™' is very effective and attractive. I appreciate very much your efforts in web service."

Doohan Kwak, WellTech Enterprises

"... our investment in this service was paid for almost immediately with the sale of a piece of equipment sold to a buyer who located our equipment on this growing service...I am amazed at how many locations have links to this site. That means more exposure for us. We find the sales leads are more diverse than most networks out there - coming from more locations around the globe than others..."

David Spencer, Discount Medical Equipment

"Within two months of joining Medical EquipNet™'s online advertising database I made my first sale, a phacoemulsifier to a physician in Scotland. Medical EquipNet™'s international focus allowed me to expand my business to close a deal with a customer in Scotland who I had never done business with before. Medical EquipNet™ is a very efficient and inexpensive avenue from which to identify opportunities abroad."

Dale Kreider, Golden Rule Marketing

"We have been able to sell brand new ventilators and pulse oximeters into Mexico as a result of using Medical EquipNet™ Classifieds. Your advertising service offers the marketing reach we needed to obtain these new customers and open a new territory for our business. Just one order more than paid for the annual use of Medical EquipNet™ Classifieds. We look forward to expanding into more international locations."

Baird Nicely, Specific Oxygen Solutions

"Medical EquipNet™'s Classified Advertising Service is great. I got 15 calls for an EMG machine I sold using your service. I'll be sure to contact Medical EquipNet™ when I have more equipment to sell!"

Ben Brier

"Incoming requests for systems quotes & equipment fair-market evaluations have QUIN-tupled. As a direct result of the banner ad, we have sent out six remanufactured equipment quotations in just the last two weeks!"

Dan Foster, MECS Inc.

"I appreciate all that you have done for my organization and me personally. I thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Joe Guilford,The CPAP Store LLC offers two alternatives for selling medical equipment via our eMarketplace, Medical EquipNet™. The Company offers a Subscription model whereby users pay a fixed upfront monthly fee to advertise equipment sales. Alternatively, users may choose the Transaction model whereby listings are free and sellers pay a fee at the time of the equipment sales transaction out of the sales proceeds.

Medical EquipNet™ is a medical equipment eMarketplace with a proven track record in catalyzing transactions, creating a highly visible online presence (over 35,000,000 hits to date), and facilitating international relationships (users from an average of 70 countries each month).

QwikMedSites™ offers specialized services in Web Site Design and Online Marketing for the Medical Industry. combines 1) medical and internet industry experience, 2) project management expertise, and 3) high quality development resources. In addition to new websites, the Company provides technology upgrades and face lifts to existing web sites. also has a strong track record in developing and executing programs to enhance web site activity.

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Links verified by Google from over 600 related web sites, domestic and international search engine listings, medical convention demonstrations as well as traditional marketing methods provide an incredible amount of exposure to the targeted audience you are seeking for your medical products.'s longevity, popularity, and web site optimization search has yielded high search engine ratings for popular search terms relating to medical equipment and medical equipment advertising. The Company's online marketing expertise not only results in a high level of activity but also in a highly qualified audience for your organization's goal to sell equipment.'s promotion of the Medical EquipNet™ eMarketplace in the US Department of Commerce's international export marketing magazine which is "distributed through their Embassies in 150 countries to more than 140,000 screened business readers and 770,000 electronic bulletin board users worldwide" continues to attract new visitors from all parts of the world to our web site.

About the Company . . .

The Medical EquipNet™ eMarketplace brings together physicians, hospitals, equipment refurbishers, manufacturers, equipment brokers/dealers, importers/exporters, leasing companies and independent service organizations to a centralized repository for over 300 types of medical equipment and related services. is positioned to play a key role in the highly fragmented domestic and international secondary markets. The Company's goal is to be the one-stop online solution for organizations promoting medical equipment and related services around the clock by providing a portfolio of complementary internet marketing services.

Founder . . .

Cynthia Schuster, has been responsible for creation of the business model and management of most all aspects of the business since its founding. Prior to SoluMed, Ms. Schuster spent ten years in the medical equipment industry with GE Medical Systems, Toshiba America Medical Systems and BOC HealthCare. She holds a BSEE from the University of Notre Dame and a MBA from Harvard Business School. Ms. Schuster is a member of the Harvard Business School Healthcare Alumni Association, University of Notre Dame Monogram Club, University of Notre Dame 1842 Legacy Club, Notre Dame Women Connect,and Notre Dame Club of Orange County. Photo


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